Friday, 19 October 2012

So close!

I lost my confidence in book publishing yesterday, but then I read a really bad book and now I am back on track :p

The book I read was a fantasy book (it might have been partially erotica, I don't know, but it had a bunch of reviews and most gave it 4-5 stars!) and I swear, it was written JUST the way I used to write eight years ago, a style I was comfortable writing then, but could never ever dream of writing now. I felt a bit better. Writing a book is a roller coaster: Love it, hate it, love it, hate it. I can't do this! I can do this!  

Oh, gosh, I suck. See? It's impossible. 

I’m on the lookout for an editor now while I try to stitch the book together! :)
Also, I will change the book cover but I am not sure if that will happen before or after publication…people have been so patient! I don’t want you guys to wait more than necessary :) I think I've answered all emails, facebook messages etc. If I haven't somehow, don't hesitate sending me an email :)

Much love, 
Abigail K. Lind


  1. I'm excited and waiting for the release. After reading some of these books lately it is ashamed how some of them do get such great reviews. I loved the first chapters and can't wait for more.

    1. Desiree, you're right, and I feel the same way! Reviews are often impossible to go by!

      Thank you so much :) I hope someone will find entertainment value in my book! :)

      Abigail Lind

  2. Hi, I sent you an email, just to let you know :) I'm a reader interested in your work. Would love to hear a reply from you, and if you would like me as an editor/ extra point of view I would like to do it :)

    1. Hi! Thanks Rachel! I'm reading the email you sent right now :)

      ~ Abigail